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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гуанчжоуский университет (Southern Club Hotel Guangzhou), отель расположен в городе гуанчжоу университет, недалеко от парка впечатлений на юге, рядом с знаменитыми достопримечательностями вампу, мемориал революции в Синьхай и другие достопримечательности многих городов.15 минут езды можно добраться до центра выставки в гуанчжоу, 30 минут, чтобы добраться до торгового CBD зоны тяньхэ и так далее, от международного аэропорта Байюнь в гуанчжоу также нужно 50 минут езды.стиль отеля роскошный и изящный, полный южных стилей двери и стены павильона, великолепный и открытый, в середине тента и так далее во всем мире очевидны роскошные и ценные качества.отель очень милый классический ландшафт и современный ветер, есть много типов номеров.отель

имеет большой, современный и многофункциональный конференц - зал с более чем 400 ресторанами на китайском, Западном и 15 высококачественных удобных ресторанах, больших банкетных залах, роскошных конференц - залах и красных винных залах, может проводить крупные бизнес - конференции, Официальная презентация, социальные мероприятия, встречи предпринимателей, академические обмены, свадебный банкет, суши, банкет и др.звук, свет, полный, больше специально для заседания, питание, чтобы помочь вам достичь превосходной повестки дня.Кроме того, конференц - Центр имеет медицинский центр, павильон пота, Международный стандартный теннисный корт, парикмахерскую, душевую, рыбалку, открытую бар дизайнера глубоких знаний, так что каждый посетитель радуется и удовлетворен.
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  • jennywangp
    Location is very remote well take a taxi, only can have dinner in the countryside nearby, and have to walk more than 20 minutes. hotels health and facilities were good, room is smaller. natural environment around good, very quiet. If not exceptional circumstances should not be staying at the
  • dygajgdw
    Stayed in a deluxe room, satisfied in every way, breakfast can be eaten in the garden on the first floor, next to the design of a special natural beauty water features, very good.
  • jingang220
    Service was very good, the environment is graceful, and can enjoy the views of the Pearl River, rooms clean and comfortable, rich breakfast, there are many ancillary entertainment, such as the free one hour play billiard, great experience!
  • a609619060
    Nice hotel is a bit far, but University City well, feel good morning drive to the Pavilion, more than 10 minutes to the Internet is too slow, the way only an estimated one trillion, a page on, watching video, no way! Overall pretty good!
  • danny0614
    Hotel location, if you don't have a car, then access will be very inconvenient. Breakfast also generally, not much impressed. If you are on a business trip, staying here is not recommended, more
  • e00117142
    Location in University City. taxis are hard to find, front desk girl said no clear direction. While there is shuttle bus to subway, but time and the number of restrictions.
  • rosebaby418
    Travel turned up a good environment, clean, don't try to be a kind of enjoyment will be good
  • e00743524
    In University City area play, so select live here. around traffic inconvenience, because since driving, effect is unlikely to, but evening meal didn't out on in Hotel eat. price slightly your, but also can accept, but confiscated service fee. health General, a door daughter on found died cockroaches, brush is with had of, other also can. breakfast type not too more, but also enough.
  • cindy
    Quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy
  • xxf0359
    Health was not very clean, the bed is too soft, and accessories such as shampoo too bad. noise is 0, next shot thinking that his door was open, and want to live quiet university city. breakfast not good. the price ratio is not high ... just wanted to live in University City
  • wrl28
    Nice breakfast
  • andrewxu668
    High performance-price ratio
  • mengtianlin
    Hotel is nice, and would want to rest, so Hotel pretty new, the hardware is good, up to 4 star standards. but the surrounding commercial facilities little, at University, no entertainment. hotel location, quiet, but transport is not convenient, no taxis, can only call the hotel shuttle.
  • jaleo
    Remote corner is located in the University City, the surrounding environment is indeed a rare quiet and is ideal for a closed-door meeting of hardware and software is also good for a taxi is not a difficult room I killed 4 mosquitoes
  • ming1gou
    Very good facilities, great health, great breakfast and diverse styles
  • csu1240
    Hotel location was rather remote, but it's quiet, livable ... room was clean, very high cost performance. breakfast is General, but the price is appropriate, nor too forced.
  • bidonsu
    Nice nice hotel next time is to force
  • ji138
    Overall hotel facilities, room, Southeast corner of outer ring road in University City, quiet, good air. Breakfast big, staple has spent rice, Chow Mein, corn, bun and the variety snack, salad of fruit 6 species above as papaya, Saint fruit,, egg tart, snack, white porridge and salt porridge, wide type tea common of small steamer, has steam ribs Phoenix claw,, now do of has fried egg, soup powder, noodle soup, drinks has cold fresh milk, hot milk, coffee, juice. has roast bread tablets, do sandwich of food material. Vegetables. as non-breakfast, 68 Yuan per person. Public transport inconvenience. only 387 public transport next to the hotel, 45-minute trip, basically mean no. about 2-5km from the nearest university town South Metro station, take a taxi to the last drop of 8, a few days, travel drops. If not driving and not using a car phone app, live out here is a nightmare. Hotels nearby breakfast shops, no restaurants, no supermarket (within 1 km),Because remote does not recommend going out alone at night on foot. Room has no open WiFi Hotel Guangzhou mobile, need to log on using your browser to register and maintain, slow, won't be completely in a few days, and told an attendant to the room after a WiFi in the lobby, Internet 4M. If driving and love clean, the hotel is a good choice.
  • WF1203798709
    Location, service was not very good, fair no way, no other hotels
  • freebird83
    My heart I so bored at home. you all had your heart broken
  • buocean
    The room is fine, no facilities, breakfast very poor, far removed from the
  • lingxia99
    Good good good 2476310 2476310
  • liupanfeng
    Very good very quiet it is around location
  • BBB_999
    hen hao
  • ra999
    Great hotel, the price is not cheap, but the four star configuration, and the location is the service is so-so, and lower levels in the four star breakfast is
  • E01224603
    Quiet, apart from the traffic is not too convenient.
  • linan
    As always, quiet, the rooms comfortable, is not too convenient for transportation.
  • e00085770
  • iamtansy
    Too much rest
  • colorful
    OK, can't get around rent, hotels with car rental, free toiletries, room very little of it
  • lww831017
    Prices are more expensive, breakfast is very general, rather
  • judy2006
    1) nice hotel. 2) in University City, is a very good hotel, very close to the River, and overall nice. 3) in University City, inconvenient transportation. in the case of university town on a business trip, recommend.
  • celine0630
    Offices in close proximity, the bed was very comfortable ... next time will stay
  • andudu888
    Facility of what was good, service was a bit. due to the change from a to b, apply for a room change many blocked. last to know is not to change, people don't want to refund the difference to you. bad
  • goldoo4
    Well reservation during the Canton fair hotel, very quiet summer, come next time!
  • lee4ever
    Have lived many times, a very good environment, very suitable for leisure, it is a bit expensive
  • xw_judge
    Overall it is a good
  • ann7202007
    Very good N travel
  • PortiaFung
    University City a good hotel, quiet environment, large room, in General can also
  • doracyy
    Lovely location almost.
  • TonnyW
    OK, not so many people
  • princess_cat
    Very satisfied
  • Muson
    Accommodation satisfaction
  • aina3229
    2 apartments and 5 standard rooms, we apply two guests Otis would collect the money, which is not satisfied with!
  • bense
    Help a friend
  • wanxuanxuan
    All right
  • dyplsdy
    Okay, a little further away, transport is not convenient
  • guomiao_1984
    Very good, breakfast very good, environment and will come again.
  • peng_yanan
    Good in every way, very value-for-money, will stay again.
  • Pound
    Nice hotel, clean, 1